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City of Austin Police Department


In June 2011 the City of Austin, TX implemented the InformaOne e-Learning system. For Austin PD one of the goals was to ensure that the system could meet many of Austin PD’s unique requirements – for example the ability to manage repetitive classes scheduled over long time frames or the ability to support firearms tracking. Informa also implemented an updated content creation tool that enabled Austin to quickly create video rich online courses. Informa Systems implemented all of the these changes through regular weekly team meetings.

Los Angeles Police Department


In 2005 LAPD was under a Department of Justice consent decree and was required to provide training to LAPD police officers on how to interact with individuals with mental disabilities. In January 2005 LAPD contracted with Informa Systems to implement an e-Learning solution to provide online learning to meet this Federal consent decree. Implementation was in-house and began in January and was completed by February 2005. LAPD have since used the system to provide over 500,000 training courses to both sworn and non-sworn employees.

State of Maine


The State of Maine Criminal Justice Academy required a web-based, highly automated, secure yet flexible training management system, as well as local and self-management of student records for their 5,000+ officers in the areas of law enforcement, corrections, emergency dispatchers, and game wardens throughout the State of Maine. MCJA needed to consolidate large stores of training content including paper documents, videos, CDs, spread sheets and individual officer knowledge.

City of Irving


In May 2010 the City of Irving implemented the InformaOne e-Learning as a hosted solution. The first step in this implementation was to import legacy data obtained over 15 years and this was performed using a simple custom application written by Informa Systems. The system tracks all employee certifications and training and also allows certifications to be submitted to the state reporting syste. The system also allows external students (non-employees) to be stored in the roster and reported. The system was a revolution at the City of Irving and allowed the city to migrate from a page/spreadsheet system, to automated system.

Home Shopping Network


HSN, Inc. is a $3 billion interactive multi-channel retailer with strong direct-to-consumer expertise that offers an innovative, differentiated retail experience on TV, online, via mobile, in catalogs, and in brick and mortar stores. They also have to manage and train a large call center staff and required a very easy to use system to deliver online learning. HSN choose the InformaOne solution: Although infomaOne is not a call center system it met the key requirement from HSN to be very easy to use. HSN have used the system for over 5 years to deliver online learning to all of the call center staff.

BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS)


In 2006 BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) in New York implemented the Informa e-Learning system to provide on-demand learning to over 5,000 employees and contractors in the network. The system is a hosted solution and is linked to the HR database at BCBS in order to provide automated updates and feeds.


In 2008, BCBS expanded the employee learning opportunities by linking the system to Citrix GoToMeeting in order to provide live virtual classroom training. This solution enabled BCBS to greatly reduce travel costs. They also implemented a playback feature within the LCMS to make recorded live training available at a later date. BCBS have now created a very large catalog of live recorded classroom training that is available on-demand.