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Software To Run Your Certification Process

Totally Integrated


InformaOne tracks all aspects of a students' learning and certification from the date they start at the organization.  The system can deliver on-demand, live and classroom training and can track documents, policies and learning, and link all of this to the certifications.  Organizations can ensure that students are fully compliant with their training, policies or certifications.

Centralize Records


InformaOne helps organizations to centralize all of their record keeping. Create a single centralized record of all of the student activity, from prior employment, to transcripts to equipment qualifications and certifications. Deliver reports in excel, pdf or other formats and create custom reports or certificates.

Manage Learning


InformaOne also has a powerful learning management system for tracking and managing training/education and accompanying records; for distributing courses over the Internet to enhancing and supporting classroom teaching. Training administrators can distribute and manage all of their learning – whether classroom, online or virtual, and importantly, seamlessly link to the certification.

Equipment Tracking and Certification


Training administrators can easily track equipment qualifications. Reports can also be generated to show which students are non-compliant and these reports can be accessed at the different organizational levels. Plus email reminders can be generated to alter the qualification status of both students and supervisors.

Product Details

  • Authoring Tool

    The Authoring Tool is very similar to PowerPoint and can be used to easily create and deploy courses. Creating, converting and delivering courses was never so easy: n No programming! The authoring tool is designed to think for you; all you need to know is how to click a mouse.
n Keep up with federal, state and local mandates by quickly creating or modifying course content.
n On-demand courses provide flexibility for geographically dispersed officers and varying work schedules.
n Create interactivity with video, audio, flash and more.
n Add questions for assessments. Randomize the questions and allow for question banking.
n A single click allows the courses to be made available to your students.
  • Classroom Scheduling

    InformaOne allows classrooms, instructors and resources to be easily managed and tracked. Here is how InformaOne can help manage classroom training: n Manage Classroom, Instructors and Resources:
Create an inventory of classrooms, including maps and classroom sizes. Classrooms can be real physical classrooms, or virtual classrooms that support live virtual meetings. Create a list of instructor with email addresses so that they can be easily notified of schedules. Allow instructors to log in and access their schedules. Instructors can also manage officer enrollment for their training and create and print sign-in sheets. The system also supports resources such as projectors. n Schedule Training with Conflict Alerts:
Schedule classroom training by combining the course with a classroom and instructors. Assign any resources such as projectors. The system will automatically provide an alert if there is a conflict with the classroom, instructor or any classroom resources. n Support Wait Listing:
Support wait listing which means an officer is placed on a “wait list” if the class is full, and then automatically enrolls students as space becomes available The student is also automatically enrolled in the class and is notified by email. n Enroll Students in Classroom Training:
Allow for easy enrollment of students in classroom training and send email alerts to students. Allow students to accept enrollment and to withdraw from the class if desired. n Report Classroom Training:
Run reports on all classroom training, by class, date or organization level.
  • Enrollment

    InformaOne provides enrollment for online, live policies, surveys, practicals and curricula.
  • Public Calendar

    InformaOne offers the ability to create a public calenadar.
  • Chain of Command

    InformaOne offers the ability to provide chain of command approval.
  • Custom Reports

    InformaOne offers the ability to customize reports.
  • Custom Fields

    InformaOne offers the ability to create custom fields.
  • Import

    InformaOne allows to import data.
  • Powerful Calendar

    InformaOne allows to create a powerful calendar.
  • Commonly Asked Questions

    n How do students login to access their results?
Every user is provided with their own password. When a student logs in they can access their training requirements and also their transcripts. 
n Can I import student information from our existing HR system?
The system allows mapping of the fields from an existing System to the InformaOne system. This can be setup to run as a batch job, on a schedule, or as a one-time only import. 
The import also supports mapping of the organizations structure and/or job function to curricula so new/changed employees are automatically enrolled in their required learning. 
n Can I run reports?
The InformaOne system uses Microsoft Reporting Services to create over 400 off-the-shelf reports, covering topics such as enrollment, attendance and evaluations. 
With Microsoft Reporting Service it is possible to create additional custom reports using the standard Microsoft Reporting Tools. 
n Can I wait list classes?
Classes can be wait listed with e-mail notification when a seat becomes available. 
n Can I set-up roles?
Multiple roles are supported that enables a single login for an individual who may perform several functions (such as a student and supervisor). 
Each function of the LMS can be turned off or on for that individual role. 
n Can I change the look and feel of the LMS?
By using themes you can change the visual interface of the system. Every color, font and setting is customizable. 
The themes can also be assigned to different roles so every role can have a different theme.