Key Features
  • Track and manage your most complex learning and compliance processes
  • Attach any content to your process, such as online, live training, development plans, policies, surveys and on-the-job requirements
  • Built on Microsoft SQL server, InformaOne has reports covering employees, activity, certification, attendance – as standard, plus you can create your own
  • Track and manage all employee activities, including progress with training, sign-offs, compliance and processes
  • Use the enroll tool to perform individual or group enrollment in processes, or individual training events.
  • InformaOne lets you customize practically everything: themes, roles, classrooms, status, custom fields and more
  • Allow each employee to track and manage their own progress through their learning and their processes
  • See all the process and learning activities on a calendar view, and allow each employee a personalized calendar view
  • Use Create to create online learning, with assessments, questions banking and randomizations
  • Manage and Deliver Processes

    Create complex process flows using the interactive drag-and-drop flow chart mapping process. Add all the requirements to the process chart, such as training, requests, approvals, forms and simple sign-offs with digital signatures if required.

    Add timing to the process steps to ensure that the steps are completed in a timely manner.

    Finally, link all of the process steps to roles so that each of the process steps can be assigned to the correct individual.

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  • Comprehensive Learning Management System

    InformaOne also provides a fully featured Learning Management System, with the ability to manage and create online learning, live classes, policies, surveys, curricula and development plans. The development plans can be structured to include a mix of online and classroom learning.

    The InformaOne content manager also supports practicals which provide the ability to deliver on-the-job or ad hoc type training. The system also manages all digital content which can be uploaded and assigned to an employee.

    Best of all, the content is versioned, and prior versions are saved, so for audit trails the exact version of a course taken is recorded in the employee transcripts.

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  • All Standard Reports and Create Your Own

    InformaOne is built on Microsoft SQL server and has many reports covering employees, activity, certification, attendance as standard. All of the reports can be filtered by organization, title, status or group.

    Furthermore, the system allows custom reports to be created with the ability to save and customize these reports.

    Best of all, the reports can be exported in easy to use formats – such as excel, PDF or CSV.

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  • Track and Manage Employees

    Track and manage all employee details and activities, from transcripts, certifications, login and password management to organization assignments.

    Link any digital content to an employee's record, upload employee images and track employee progress through their assigned learning and processes.

    InformaOne also allows skills to be assigned to employees and linked to certifications. Provide a single view for all transcripts, including live, classroom, online and external.

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  • Powerful Enrollment

    Enrolling employees is one of the most important, functions of a learning and compliance management solution, and InformaOne's enrollment module provides one step enrollment for the simple cases, and granularity for more complex cases.

    The solution supports enrollment in a number of ways, manual for individual cases, open and request enrollment for group enrollment. All the enrollments can be filtered by organization, job title, job family or status.

    Furthermore, email notifications are embedded in the enrollment functionality, and provide the ability for the student or supervisor to approve enrollment with a single click.

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  • InformaOne lets you customize practically everything

    InformaOne lets you customize practically everything: emails, organizations, job titles, themes, roles, classrooms, status and more.

    You can also create custom rosters that can be linked to classes - perfect for times when you need to capture more than just attendance.

    InformaOne also allows you to create custom fields and link them to employees, content, transcripts or rosters.

    In fact, practically everything in the system is customizable.

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  • Individual Process Tracking

    Every employee can login, track and manage their progress through the process. They can use a graphical interface to see where they are and what they have performed. They can monitor sign-offs and be directed to the next step in the process.

    This graphical interface provides a simple roadmap for employees and empowers them to see where there are, what steps have been performed, and what remains to be performed in the process.

    Next: Calendar for Tracking
  • Calendar for Tracking

    The calendar function provides an easy means to track and manage all training and process activities. Filter the calendar by class, instructor or category, and roster the classes directly from the calendar.

    With InformaOne it is possible to schedule classes, with classrooms, instructors and pre-requisites and to schedule a class over multiple days. InformaOne also allows repeat scheduling over days of week, months and years.

    Skills can be applied to instructors – so only those instructors with the necessary skills can instruct the selected classes.

    Next: Use the Built-In Create Tool
  • Use the Built-In Create Tool

    The InformaOne Create tool provides the ability to create media rich learning, incorporating images, questions, video, flash, PDFs, and links to Vimeo or
    YouTube content.

    With InformaOne it is also possible to create assessments, and to use question banks with a random question selection. All question responses are also tracked and recorded.

    Furthermore, the delivery of the online learning is a snap – and can be performed with a single click. Also, all of the courses can also be versioned for cast-iron audit trails.

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InformaOne has a number of additional capabilities compared to the typical LMS system

Typical LMS InformaOne

Ability to manage organizations and assign administrators to organizations

Manage employee records including transcripts and certificates

Allow for employee login with username and password

Allow external transcripts to be entered


Allow documents including photos to be attached to employees

Support a tickler system which notifies or requires administrators to make employee changes

Content management both online and live

Create surveys and policies


Create online and live curricula with the ability to support sequenced and non-sequenced courses

Support content revisions


Support practicals, on-the-job and other ad hoc training


Allow for class scheduling including repeat class scheduling such as daily, weekly or monthly

Support public calendars


Support pre-requisties

Support class rostering including the ability to create custom rosters by tailoring fields


Link classroom location to Google Maps


Support enrollment for online courses, live classes, policies, surveys, practicals and curricula

Allow approval for enrollment with direct link from emails


Group enrollment of employees by organization, title or family

Provide email support for all enrollment functions including customizable emails


Support reports on employees, transcripts and certifications


Customizable reports with ability to export report data to a number of formats including Excel and PDF


Ability to create media-rich learning incorporating images, questions, video, flash, PDFs, and links to Vimeo or YouTube content


Create assessments with random questions and question banks


Create and incorporate process flows with process renewal dates and reminder emails


Support numerous process renewal options including fixed calendar dates

Support a graphical works flow diagram where processes can be created easily

Link requirements to a process step and assign roles to each requirement and process step

Support request and approvals (across multiple organization layers) and incorporate into the process flow

Define process steps with deadlines and notifications


We deliver training to meet your needs.

Here is a sample of the one-to-one training and support offered to customers at setup.

Overview of the Learning Management System

  • Main functions of the system covered
  • Overview of Administrator Learning Center
  • Student perspective reviewed including setting up the student page from banners to forgotten password links

The Administrator Fly-By

  • Set up an organization chart and multiple organization levels with associated logins
  • Adding, modifying and deleting student accounts
  • Overview of content, including online and live classroom training, policies, surveys and development plans
  • Scheduling and enrolling students in classroom training and sending out an enrollment e-mail

Managing your Students

  • Add new students and modify existing students
  • Modify student organization and personal details
  • Change student passwords
  • Track students within the organization
  • Evaluate and assign students to organization levels

Understanding your Content

  • Add live or online courses
  • Grasp the difference between courses and classes
  • Assign a role to a course so that it can be managed by different individuals
  • Logging in as a student and accessing learning
  • Understanding your learning options as a student
  • Accepting enrollment for classroom training
  • Changing your password

Tracking Student Progress as an Administrator

  • Track student results by organization level or by each online class
  • Produce graphic representations using the Analysis Tool
  • Send out customizable emails during enrollment

Using Live Classroom Training

  • Schedule a class using the Calendar Scheduler
  • Select an instructor and decide how instructors are qualified
  • Choose a classroom and manage class size
  • Set up a Wait List and record classroom attendance
  • Create a sign-up sheet

Understanding Roles

  • Set up roles and assign students to roles
  • Assign different roles to courses
  • Use role permissions to control activity

Full Enrollment Cycle for Live Classroom Learning

  • Create a live training event and enroll students
  • Accept enrollment and mark attendance

Full Enrollment Cycle for Online Learning

  • Create and deploy an online course
  • Enroll students in the course and track the student transcripts


  • Run organizational, attendance and activity reports
  • Filter reports
  • Create your own custom reports


  • Add or delete a curriculum
  • Understand the curriculum structure
  • Enroll students in a curriculum

Advanced Enrollment

  • Enroll students in groups, such as job title or organization
  • Differentiate between Open, Closed and Request Enrollment
  • Create custom enrollment emails and perform a mail merge
  • Remove a student from the course enrollment

Importing Students

  • Import student results from a flat file
  • Create an Import Job
  • Map your fields to the InformaOne database fields
  • Modify and Run the Import Job

3 Stage Implementation Plan


The server is configured and the software is installed


All of the data and program settings are configured

Acceptance Testing

Customer testing and sign-off

First Things First

Prior to setup, Informa Systems meets with clients to present a personalized roadmap for their implementation. Various tools are used to manage communication and the implementation including:

Account created for overall project management to make it easy for customers and Informa to work together, communicate and manage the project.
InformaTracker is a software tool used by Informa to manage and track all implementation issues. Customers have access to log any issues.
InformaManage ensures smooth project management and deployment of code modules. Each code module is linked to InformaTracker so that all releases can be related to the underlying ticket.
InformaTester is used to run and manage the unit and regression testing of code. Customers have the option of accessing the scripts for testing.


The first step in the implementation is setting up the hardware and the software.

Informa Systems uses a SQL server database on a Windows IIS server because this provides the best, most secure and stable platform.

The actual application is based on .NET and all of the modules are configured in 3 layers: the Presentation Layer, the Business Layer and the Data Layer.


Informa Systems uses the agile methodology (SCRUM) for customizations that are performed during project implementation

SCRUM provides a structure of roles, meetings, rules, and artifacts.

Teams are responsible for creating and adapting their processes within this framework.

SCRUM teams attempt to build a tested product increment every iteration.

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